with trade name (OLEFILL )


What is OlEFILL

OLEFILL is a kind of master batch, contain about 60%-85% Calcium Carbonate based on Polyolefin resin.
OLEFILL an additive/filler for Polyolefin resin, its reduced production cost and gives process ability, dimensional stability,    stability, printability and Productivity.
Using standard resource of calcium carbonate which is a main component of OLEFILL it is possible for us to supply constant and long term specification compounds.
The most  notable differences of our product ;
Amongst other competitive advantages, the most notable differences are listed below:
 -The high degree of dispersion, which lead to very good mechanical   properties.
 -The good quality carrier led to different production facility.

Specification :

1 .It is convenient for you to use OLEFILL because of pellet    type homogenous size and putting the Blend of variable ratio of OLEFILL into the hopper directly.
2 .In spite of having a very high CaCO3 content,but OLEFILL has a excellent dispersion effect.
3 .OLEFILL has almost a uniform pellet size, don’t bring out dust and don't adhere to the wall in a hopper or tank. so it is an effective automatic operating system.
4 .Because of the same weight that a pellet of OLEFILL and polyolefin resin, it is an excellent dispersing effect to blend them in the mixing machine.
5. OLEFILL is a compound having an affinity for environment and it is pollution - free composite. 

Applications  :

Injection and blow molding, Blown film and raffia. Rotational molding.