Black & White polyolefin compounds AND MASTERBATCHES:

Master batches in black and white are available for commodity polymer coloring. Formulations are compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, or EVA. Some grades are FDA compliant.

     PE, PP, EVA HIPS, PS.                                                             

Product Description

We provide white and black polyolefin compounds based on polymer systems such as;

PE, PP, EVA and PS. And pure pigments such as carbon black and TiO2 which has high quality specification:

a) High concentration of pigments.
b) Good dispersing performance
c) Good heat resistance.

For customized applications where specific  shade and applications we offer a rapid color matching & properties service creating compounds & masterbatches to meet our customers' needs.

These can be engineered to encompass a wide range of properties such as UV stability, flame retardants, antistatic, antibacterial and crosslinking etc.

   Master batch Specifications:
1. High gloss, good dispersion.
2. High color strength.
3. LDPE,
PP, EVA and PS  carrier.
4- 10-50 % maximum carbon black concentration and from 10 -70 % white M.B.

Widely used in film blowing, injections molding blown molding ,sheets, and hose and pipes Extrusions etc.

Compatibility: PP PE ABS.