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Elkady FOR PLASTIC INDUSTRY  polymers & Compounds are our life


We have major name in most of polymer compounds, blending and many R&D for improved compound performance. We have great experience in REACH and ROHS compliant compounds.

We, re ready for any plastic application consulting.


profissionals  in Custom-Compounding of Thermoplastics and thermosetting .

we can work with you to develop new or tailor-made formulations of PVC  , PE,PS  family and EVA compounds  .

our plastics compounding knowhow stretches back more than 25 years.

Our compound lines are capable of manufacturing high volumes of a broad range of reinforced or unreinforced plastic compounds.

While our core business is in rigid and elastomeric polyolefins, we also work with a broad range of commodity and engineering thermoplastics. esting laboratory is able to perform required material and quality verification.